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Richy Rich Pick 3 Budget Strategy

Instructions: Enter into the box below the last pick 3 number that was drawn in your state. The output will give you (9) pick 3 combo's to play. Keep these combo's in play for up to 2 weeks. When a number from the output is drawn, you can start over, or keep playing these numbers a few days longer because sometimes more than one winner will come from the group.

Tip: This system works better using only straight/single numbers. If you enter a double, it can take a while before seeing a hit come from it. Test this in your state to see how it does.

Strategy: Back-Test this in your state by going back at least 30 days. Try different numbers from different drawings to see how well it's performing in your state. Track the results and study them to possibly find a pattern that works for you. See how long it takes to get a hit. In back-testing, this can be on the very next drawing or 3 days or longer.

Optional:You can also look at the output below as three Tic Tac Toe Grids. See verticle, horizontal, diagonal, the four corners 4 digits groups etc. Sometimes you will see hits coming from these area's as well. Also, look at the groups horizontally from left to right at the number strings. A lot of times, this is where the straight hits come from.

Enter Previous Number Drawn

Click the "Feel Lucky" button below to generate the next combination of numbers.

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